Loïc Destremau (b. 1992) – French-Danish composer and sound artist with an interdisciplinary approach to staged sound, crossing instrumental with electronic, multimedia and performance music for installations, soloists, ensembles and orchestras, exploring core musical premises and relations to linguistic features.
The works often comprise devices, preparations and home-made gadgets next to conventional instruments, visuals and electronics.

Participation in several international and domestic festivals, workshops and courses, and received commissions from various ensembles and soloists, resulting in collaborations with among others:

Athelas-, Aarhus- and Oslo Sinfonietta, ensemble recherche and -Dasein, Uusinta-, Caput-, dissonArt-, Figura- and Esbjerg Ensemble, International Ensemble Modern Academy, Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet, NJYD Quartet, Ekki Minna Duo and eventuell.|duo.

Pieces performed at festivals such as Warsaw Autumn, NOW! Grenzgänger (Essen), Gaudeamus Festival (Utrecht) KLANG Festival (Copenhagen), Nordic Music Days (Bodø, Helsinki, Tórshavn, Rekjavik), Figura Festspiele (Copenhagen), OpenDays (Aalborg) and Young Nordic Music Days (Aarhus, Reykjavik, Bergen, Piteå).

Composition studies with S. Steen-Andersen, N. Rønsholdt, B. Putignano and M. Ciciliani in Aarhus, Bari, Graz (2012-2018) and with J. Just Christ., S. Løffler and B. Sørensen in Copenhagen (2020-2022)

Received in 2017 the Carl Nielsen Composer Talent Prize (Carl Nielsen & Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Fonden) and as well as grants and support from funds Augustinus Fonden, KODA, Oticon FondenDanish Composers’ Society & P.A. Hansens Legat.

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Loïc Hugues Vibede Destremau
Composer, born 1992
Grew up in Vordingborg (DK) playing keyboard instruments and composing for ensembles and electronic tracks.


2023      :  impuls akademie, Graz
2022      :  Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht
2021       :  Musikprotokoll, Graz
2018-2022  :  Nordic Music Days, Helsinki (2018), Bodø (2019), Tórshavn (2021), Reykjavik (2022)
2017,2021  :  Warsaw Autumn, Warsaw
2018       :  KLANG Festival, Copenhagen
2017       :  NOW! Festival, Essen
2016-2019  :  Young Nordic Music Days, Aarhus (2016), Reykjavik (2017), Bergen (2018), Piteå (2019)
2015       :  Figura Festspiele, Copenhagen
2014,18,19 :  Open Days, Aalborg
2014       :  Ny Musik i Birkerød


Oslo Sinfonietta
Athelas Sinfonietta
Aarhus Sinfonietta
ensemble recherche
Ensemble hand werk
Ensemble Dasein
Ensemble Storstrøm
International Ensemble Modern Academy
Caput Ensemble
dissonArt ensemble
Uusinta Ensemble
Esbjerg Ensemble
Figura Ensemble
Njyd Quartet
Taïga String Quartet
Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet
Quartet Vela
Ekki Minna duo


Athelas Sinfonietta & KLANG
Ensemble Dasein
Aarhus2017 – Capital of Culture
NJYD Quartet
Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet
Figura Ensemble
Anja Nedremo

Prize & funds:

2018       :  Danish Arts Foundation – Working grant
2017       :  Carl Nielsen & Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Legat – Composer Talent Prize
2017       :  Danish Composers’ Society – Working grant
2015-2016  :  Augustinus Fonden Oticon Fonden / P.A. Hansens Legat / Danish Composers’ Society


2020-2022  :  Advanced Postgraduate studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen: comp. – with S. Løffer, J. Just & B. Sørensen
2016-2018  :  Master studies at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus: comp. – with S. Steen-Andersen & N. Rønsholdt
2015-2016  :  Erasmus-exchange to Conservatorio di Bari: comp. – with B. Putignano, R. Andreoni, R. Santoboni & F. Scagliola
2012-2015  :  Bachelor studies at Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus: comp. – with S. Steen-Andersen & N. Rønsholdt

Courses / Workshops:

2019       :  Impuls Akademie, Graz: tutors Michael Maierhof & Christian Dierstein, lesson with Agata Zubel
2018       :  Akademie für Zeitgenössiche Musik, Luzern: lectures with Dieter Amman and Alberto Posadas
2017       :  Reading session with JACK Quartet, Aarhus
2016,2018  :  Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik: lessons with F. Sarhan, M. Ciciliani, J. Kreidler & W. Hoban
2014-2015  :  Klassen Arbeit with ensemble recherche, Freiburg


Fluent         :  Danish, French & English
Intermediate   :  Italian, German & Spanish
Limited        :  Serbo-croatian & Portuguese